Locum Business Card for GPs and Pharmacists

Locum Business Card

As a locum GP or pharmacist, you need a business card. Firstly, a business card serves as a personal introduction to you and your services. Secondly, a business card provides all your contact details in one place. This includes your contact number to phonecall or SMS, your social media handle, your email address and your website, if you have one. Thirdly and most importantly, the presence of your business card shows you are ready and available for business.

For a good business card design, make a good use of the back of the business card. Here you can include why you are a unique locum, the dates of the week you are generally available and your accreditations. It is impractical to list all your accreditations; however, you can mention that you stay up to date for most required accreditations, and you may be contacted for further information.

Are Business Cards the most efficient way of introducing yourself to practices or pharmacies?

While business cards are important; a good booking platform has replaced their essence. At Locumbooking platform, we showcase your accreditations, your great feedback and your interpersonal skills. All these cannot be represented fully on a business card. As mentioned earlier, it is impractical to showcase your accreditations in a profession where these are continually changing. When you work with us, you can update your newly acquired skills in minutes; as you keep up to date for your next shifts.

In addition to this, you can communicate your available dates, in real-time, to contractors. Do you locum on Wednesdays regularly? What about the one time when your favourite hairdresser has a particular Wednesday slot you would rather not miss? These practical updates make locumbooking platform the most practical way to manage your profile.


Do you really need to order 500 pieces of those business cards? We think not. You should have some pieces with you, should you attend evening CPD training, where you meet colleagues. Business cards have their place. However, there are better ways of introducing yourself and your locum GP or locum pharmacist services to contractors.

Links to build a business card include:

Vistaprint – Business cards templates for design and printing

Canva.com – Business Cards templates


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