7 Ways Locums Are Turning To YouTube To Cope With This Covid-19 Epidemic

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The year has been marred by the spread of the Corona Virus or Covid19 which has eaten into the fabrics of many societies and turned people’s lives around. While some persons have been shut out of business due to the pandemic, others are having a table full of duties.

Locum Pharmacists find themselves in the latter aspect where your services are in higher demand; more than ever. YouTube is an interesting social media platform that offers a range of services including educating, entertaining, informative, and many more categories. A number of pharmacists are turning into YouTube to support them as they navigate through the new reality.

  • 1. Advice for practical precautions

For themselves and for regular patients that visit their pharmacies. It is important to stay abreast of regulated advice from trusted sources to reduce the risk of Covid 19 infection. See our practical tips here responsibilities of health care workers in this COVID-19 outbreak.

WHO has recommended these precautionary measures for everyone. But these precautions are more intentional for health care workers. Such YouTube channels are dedicated to educating subscribers on important precautions to take in the course of carrying out their essential duty as health professionals. 

  • 2. Link Buddy With Locums Via Social Media Groups

These times, the health field is enormous with sick people, so Doctors, Nurses, even Locum Pharmacists need extra professional hands.

Try and convince your pals on the need for them to join the fight to save mankind. Qualified hands must be on deck in order to ensure that humanity thrives. 

You can use any social media app that your buddy is on to connect with him or her or join our Facebook group Locum pharmacists and dispensers – UK.

  • 3. Meal Preparation 

As the UK Government has issued a temporary ban on restaurants, this means there are fewer places open during lunchtime for those quick bites. This challenge is being mitigated by taking your own packed lunch to work.  

This can be daunting when you are not used to this. A number of YouTubers make this accessible by increasing the variety of suggestions for healthy lunch you can make yourself.

YouTube cooking channels like Binging With Babish and Chef John have millions of subscribers and that’s to show you that they are Pro in the kitchen department. You could also learn Easy Lunch pack ideas by Liezl Jayne Strydom.

  • 4. Stress Reduction

Locum Pharmacists bear the risk of developing stress symptoms during this pandemic. So, to stay strong in the front line, it is important that you minimize your stress levels by maximizing your sleep hours and regulating work hours too. Active stress management channels on YouTube are dedicated to helping you get through stress symptoms. Also, pharmacy support groups such as pharmacistsupport.org are available from the hours of Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

  • 5. In-Home System

Exercises and meditations have proven very effective in the course of keeping the body and mind fit. Exercises increase the flow of blood around the body and also facilitates the removal of waste metabolites from your body. 

Yoga will help you channel your energy and focus on the things that matter in your life as you meditate on them. It is a great way to remain focused in the face of panic and confusion caused by COVID-19. It will also help you to calm your spirit as the crisis worsens around you. Many channels on YouTube specialize in teaching newbies how to practice yoga such as Yoga For Complete Beginners

  • 6. Podcast To Follow

Mayo Clinic Q & A podcast invites health professionals and raises COVID-19 related questions every week for them to answer. It is an educational podcast that can provide answers to your COVID-19 questions the week after you had asked them in the comments section.

Another podcast to follow in order to keep yourself abreast during this pandemic is world versus virus. On their podcasts, recent developments on what the world and coronavirus do to each other are extensively discussed from the lips of health Experts.

  • 7. Karaoke YouTube 

Clubs and pubs are outlawed, eh? And you are missing out on some fun. Now, you can convert your room to a karaoke club. Just search your favourite song on YouTube, it will display the one with karaoke support, then connect your device ( smartphone or laptop ) to the Tv. Afterwards, use the mixer to connect the microphone and speaker. There are so many Karaoke apps but I can recommend this which is available on both Android and IOS. Enjoy. 

In conclusion, we are grateful for what we do. Stay Safe and Take care of yourself out there, stay fit and healthy. It is only when you are healthy and fit, can you continue to fight in the front line of COVID-19. YouTube can be very impactful in this period, make sure you don’t miss out on the support it has to offer. 

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