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Locum Business Card for GPs and Pharmacists

Locum Business Card
As a locum GP or pharmacist, you need a business card. Firstly, a business card serves as a personal introduction to you and your services. Secondly, a business card provides all your contact details in one place. This includes your contact number to phonecall or SMS, your social media handle, your email address and your website, if you have one. Thirdly and...

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IR35 for Locum GPs and Pharmacists

Locum GP pharmacist consultation
  Locum GPs who provides their services to non-public sector organisations such as Urgent care, Walk in centres Out of Hours practices may be affected by the new IR35 rules. These rules will be set in place from April 2020. Additionally, locum pharmacists, who provides their services to community pharmacies, GP practices and other private sectors will...

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